Booking & Hosting Tim

Would you like to invite me to your community to present The Deep Awakening, The Big Day of Waking Up or an Evening of Standup Philosophy?

Would you like me to be a Keynote Speaker at your event?  I have previously addressed and led experiential seminars at scientific symposiums, business conferences, universities, spiritual gatherings, and schools.

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Endorsement from Debra Neill Baker : Director of Neill Corporation

"Tim Freke's message is profound, fresh, and universal! Our annual beauty industry conference is intended to expose our customers to the most current thinking, ideas, and people of the time. Tim's presentation connects each of us and all of us to a higher order thinking that gives work and our roles a deeper, wider meaning. Our 1300 participants left inspired to reach their full potential, motivated to take action, to think and behave with mindfulness that goes beyond the typical motivational message presented by the majority of speakers. Truly speaking to our individual and collective desire to live our lives with authentic purpose!"

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