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Samaya Conference Centre
Hollendewagenweg 20

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The Deep Awakening: In Relationship

3985 SG Werkhoven, Netherlands

This is a special Deep Awakening exploring how to live a deep awake life in relationship with others.

We are continually in relationship with our partners and lovers, family and friends, colleagues and competitors. Love is the deepest connection in which we become conscious of our essential oneness. Wisdom is knowing how to live with the paradox that we love others because we’re all one, yet we are also individuals with our own legitimate needs.

At this special retreat we will explore how becoming deep awake helps us live wisely in a relationship of love with others, ourselves and the transcendent oneness of God. We will see how we can support each other in living a deep awake life, in which we feel deep self-empowered and able to bring the best of ourselves to life.


At the heart of the deep awake method are my soul-to-soul connection meditations that we practise with a partner. These are by far the most powerful way I know to transform consciousness.

If you attend this retreat on your own, you will have the opportunity to explore deep connection with a number of other participants, which is a deeply heart-opening experience.

However, at this special retreat I want to specifically invite you to considering coming with someone with whom you are already in relationship, and to explore these soul-to-soul meditations with that particular person, so that you go deeper and deeper into that unique relationship.

You could choose to come with your partner or lover, your parent or child, a friend or sibling. I am confident your relationship will be deepened in an extremely positive way!

You will get the opportunity to connect with all participants during our Deep Awake Immersion on the Saturday night, which is a truly beautiful experience of real communion and big love

LANGUAGE: This retreat will be in English

SCHEDULE: The retreat will run from 17.00 on Friday to around 15.30 on Sunday.

VENUE: The retreat will be held at a former St. Augustine's monastery, that is now a beautiful, light filled conference centre called Samaya. More information here.

GETTING TO THE SAMAYA CENTRE: Samaya is located near the village Werkhoven, just 20 km southeast of Utrecht. If you come by car, this is the address: Hollendewagenweg 20, 3985 SG Werkhoven. There is plenty of free parking. If you fly in from abroad you will arrive at Schiphol airport and continue your trip by train in the direction of Driebergen-Zeist.

If you come by train, you want to arrive at Utrecht Central station, then take a train in the direction of Driebergen-Zeist. Read below for taxi transfer. Train Timetables here. More information in Dutch here.

At least an hour prior to arrival, call Taxi Service Aro Anders at 0900-6666667 and name your destination Samaya. It's a 15 min. ride that will cost you €15.- (special fixed price). It's also possible to make a reservation online here.

ACCOMMODATION: Samaya offers single and shared rooms for 2 or 3. All rooms are equipped with single beds and have their own bathroom. If you specifically want to share with someone you are coming with please email Sabine: Otherwise you will be allocated a same sex sharing room.

DIET: All food is vegetarian and 80% biological (EKO quality mark). Special dietary requirements are possible with 5 days notice.

PRICES: Full payment is in Euros and includes 2 night stay, meals and ten sessions with Tim.

Tim's fee is €150 and the room prices inclusive of this are:

€460 - Single

€430 - Single but interconnected

€395 - Double

€380 - Triple

CANCELLATION: You can be transferred to another retreat or given a full refund minus a €70 administration fee up-to two months prior to the retreat date.

BOOKING AND QUESTIONS: To book and for questions in Dutch or English please contact Sabine: 06 - 522 433 60 (from UK 0031 6 - 522 433 60) Payment by bank transfer.