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debbie o'shea freke
UK (0) 781 786 8859


bodhi tree
633 N la brea ave
los angeles
CA 90036

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los angeles, USA

this retreat is non-residential

information about the deep awakening retreat here

you can watch video testimonials of participants describing their experiences of the deep awakening here

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SCHEDULE: the retreat begins with a public meeting on the evening of friday 13, which it is important for all retreat participants to attend

The retreat ends 13.30 on sunday


BOOKING: details here

the ‘deep awake state’ is profound shift in consciousness that is available to all of us. It is an experience of all-consuming oneness and all-embracing love, which gives rise to an unshakeable confidence that, despite all the suffering, life is essentially good

at this powerfully transformative retreat, philosopher Tim Freke invites you to experience the deep awake state for yourself

with his trademark lucidity and humour, he will share his 21st century approach to awakening, which urges us to both wake up to oneness and become empowered as unique individuals

he will show you how you can know the essential non-duality of reality and embrace your human vulnerability. He will share deep ideas about time, soul, death and purpose, to help you understand your life in radically new ways

T!M will guide some extremely powerful 'soul-to- soul’ meditations through which you can experience an immediate shift in consciousness

these are meditations we practise with a partner, which quickly bring us into a deep state of oneness in a safe and simple way

they involve connecting deeply with others in various ways, for example by simply gazing into someone's eyes

at the heart of the retreat is a truly magical ceremony T!M calls the ‘deep awake immersion’, because we get to totally immerse ourselves in the deep awake state

this is an incredibly moving experience, because we connect with everyone so deeply that our sense of separateness melts into ‘big love’

throughout the retreat, T!M creates an extremely safe and playful environment in which we can relax and be ourselves, so that waking up is easy and natural

participants return home conscious, connected and in love with living, having shared a very special experience with some amazing new friends