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Tokyo, Japan

wake up to oneness and celebrate your individuality

in this inspirational presentation, Tim Freke will guide you directly to the ‘deep awake state’

this is a wonderful experience of profound oneness and all-embracing compassion, which gives rise to an unshakeable confidence that, despite the challenges and suffering, life is essentially good, death is safe and what really matters is love

based on his book THE MYSTERY EXPERIENCE (available in Japanese), T!M will share his revolutionary new approach to awakening, exploring …

- how deep awake state is completely natural and available to all of us

- why the ego is the hero not the villain of the spiritual journey

- why popular spiritual teachings that urge us to reject the mind and detach from life are misguided

- why waking up to oneness means embracing our vulnerable humanity - why spirituality is about both self-realization and self-expression

Based on his latest book SOUL STORY, T!M will also explore a new philosophy he calls ‘EMERGENT SPIRITUALITY’, which challenges us to think about time, soul and death in radically new ways. This visionary worldview brings together science and spirituality to offer a beautiful, coherent, and profoundly optimistic understanding of the evolution of the universe, which affirms the deep purpose of our individual lives

To go deeper with Tim, join him for his DEEP AWAKE weekend seminar 27- 28 JAN

this event will be in english with japanese translation

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