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debbie o'shea freke
(0)781 786 8859


penny brohn centre
chapel pill lane
bristol BS20 0HH

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bristol, uk

when we awaken there is an experience of wonderful oneness and limitless love ... but how do we find the wisdom to live from love in such an ambivalent, complex, challenging world?

T!M creates a safe and relaxed environment in which you can experience the ‘deep awake’ state so you feel the ‘big love’ for yourself ... and he explores how to live wisely with a profound new understanding of this bittersweet adventure of life

this is an extremely experiential retreat and T!M will lead some or all of these DEEP AWAKE MEDITATIONS, which you will be able to practise when you return home ...

  • deep mystery
  • deep sensing
  • deep being
  • deep listening
  • deep gazing
  • deep embodiment
  • soul transmutation
  • deep appreciation
  • deep compassion

T!M will explore some of the ideas central to his leading edge philosophy of EMERGENT SPIRITUALITY, giving time for your personal questions, including

  • body, soul and spirit
  • paralogical 'both/and' thinking
  • the 'ego' as the hero of the journey
  • uniting science and spirituality
  • the evolution of soul
  • the purpose of life
  • the nature of death
  • the past and the possible
  • overcoming pastivity
  • transcendent spirit / god
  • love-wisdom

on saturday night T!M will lead an utterly magical DEEP AWAKE IMMERISION

more information about the deep awakening retreat here

you can watch video testimonials of participants describing their experiences of the deep awakening here

SCHEDULE: arrival from 14:00, first session at 17.00 on Friday, ends 15:15 on Sunday

VENUE: we will have exclusive use of the penny brohn centre, which is a beautiful, world-famous, healing sanctuary ... you can see some wonderful pictures of this magnficient venue here - travel details here

EASY ACCESS: the venue is 20 minutes drive from bristol international airport, bristol temple meads train station and bristol parkway station ... and 5 minutes from junction 19 of the M5

ACCOMMODATION: each room is comfortable with an en suite and a queen-sized bed, which means a room can be shared if you wish

NON-RESIDENTIAL: non-residential places are available if you live nearby, but we reccomend staying with the training group at the centre

DIET: meals are lacto-vegetarian … if you require a special diet contact

COSTS: £190 of our charges covers the payment to the Penny Bohn Centre and our booking fees, with the rest covering tuition fees

PAYMENT: book with a non-returnable deposit of £50 and you will be emailed with a request for the remaining payment two months before the start of the retreat, or if you prefer to pay by cheque, bank transfer or installments, contact debbie +44 (0)781 786 8859

QUESTIONS: contact DEBBIE on +44 (0)781 786 8859

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single room

Price: £390.00 Deposit: £50.00 Fee: £0.00 17 Quantity:


Price: £320.00 Deposit: £50.00 Fee: £0.00 6 Quantity:

double queen bedroom

This ticket is available in multiples of 2

Price: £360.00 Deposit: £50.00 Fee: £0.00 10 Quantity: