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In this series of 3 seminars, pioneering philosopher Tim Freke explores a visionary new worldview that unites science and spirituality, and makes the experience of awakening easily accessible.

SESSION 1: September 16th THE PRESENT : Waking up to Oneness and Celebrating Individuality 09:30 PDT Duration: 90 mins

In the first seminar in this series Tim invites you to explore the present moment with him, so you can experience the ‘deep awake’ state for yourself. Based on his book ‘Deep Awake’, he will share his ‘paralogical’ or ‘both/and’ approach to non-duality, which encourages you to both wake up to oneness and embrace your tender, wounded, vulnerable humanity, so you can fully engage with the bittersweet evolutionary adventure of life. Tim will explore popular spiritual teachings he feels are misguided, including …

  • How some forms of Non-Duality are literally ‘soul-destroying’, because they deny the reality of the individual soul
  • How stopping thinking makes you stupid not enlightened
  • Why the ego is the hero of the evolutionary process, not the enemy
  • How detachment may help you avoid suffering, but only by cutting you off from love
  • Why the idea of ultimate ‘enlightenment’ is an obstacle
  • Why the purpose of life is not just self-realisation, but also self-expression

SESSION 2: September 23rd THE FUTURE : Evolution and the Self-Realising Universe 09:30 PDT Duration: 90 mins

In the second seminar in this series Tim suggests we urgently need to create a 21st century approach to spirituality to guide us towards a more emergent future. Based on his book ‘Soul Story’, he will explore the evolutionary philosophy he calls ‘Emergent Spirituality’, which suggests a ‘Copernican Revolution’ in our understanding of both science and spirituality, offering a rational and inspirational vision of the nature of cosmos and the importance of our individual lives. Tim will explore …

  • How reality is the realisation of potentiality
  • How time doesn’t pass, but rather the past accumulates
  • Why the psyche or ‘soul’ is not a by-product of the brain, but rather the most emergent level of existence
  • How ‘Heaven’ has evolved and the after-death dimension is a shared dream
  • Why the purpose of your life is ‘soul formation’
  • Why Non-Dual awakening is the leading edge of evolution
  • How God is not the source of the universe, but rather the destination of the evolutionary process

SESSION 3: Octber 7th THE PAST : Neo-Gnosticism and Christian Non-Duality 09:30 PDT Duration: 90 mins

In the last seminar in this series Tim will explore the western spiritual tradition from which his new ideas have evolved. Based on his book ‘The Jesus Mysteries’, which was an international bestseller and Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year’, he will show that Gnosticism is Christian Non-Duality and that his ‘Emergent Spirituality’ is a form of Neo-Gnosticism. He will suggest that everything new must be built on the past, and that to go forward we must understand and redeem the past. Tim will explore …

  • The evidence that the Jesus story is a myth based on Pagan myths of a dying resurrecting Godman
  • The secret teachings of the Gnostics about the Christian Goddess Sophia
  • The allegorical meaning of the myth of Jesus and Sophia as an initiatory path to Non-Dual awakening

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