Is This For You?

I have offered The Deep Awakening, which was previously called The Mystery Experience Retreat, all over the world; bringing together men and woman of all ages and backgrounds. It is completely inclusive.

Some participants are long-time spiritual explorers and others are new to the possibility of awakening. Our youngest participant has been 13 years old and our oldest 87 years old. 

We all experience highs and lows on the journey of life, so some participants come because they are going through a challenging time and others because life is expanding positively. 

I love this variation because I enjoy taking people to a place where we become conscious of how we are all the same and also truly appreciate how we are all so wonderfully unique.

When we dissolve into the deep awake state we clearly see the beauty in every person and loving others becomes easy and natural. At some point we realise that others are seeing this same beauty within us ... and we feel the relief of finally being able to love ourselves.

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