Training and Transformation

Let's wake up the world together! 

The Training and Transformation Program will empower you to guide others to the deep awake state using Soul to Soul Meditations, Soul Transmutation Counselling and Paralogical Philosophy:

  • on a one to one basis with people interested in awakening
  • as an addition to your current work skills
  • as a powerufl aid to individual counselling
  • for one to one spiritual guidance
  • at local Deep Awake Life groups
  • at introductory Deep Awake Life events
  • working in the community with appropriate groups to bring connection and kindness where it is needed

You can use this training in a voluntary or professional capacity as appropriate. It is for everyone who wants to go deeper into the experience of awakening and feel empowered to share their realisations with others, whether they intend to speak publicly or simply communicate more clearly with friends and family.

You can find some inspiring testimonials from people who have attended this program here

The groups are small so we can interact easily. 

Generally it is better if you have already attended a retreat with Tim before beginning the Training Program, but if you are familiar with awakening then this is not completely necessary.

After attending 2 seminars in this programme you will receive a certificate affirming that you have gone through this process with me, which you can use as appropriate in your work.

Seminars in this programme are offered regularly to deepen your ongoing  process of training and transformation.  You are welcome to attend as many as you wish when you can. It is recommended to attend at least 2 seminars if at all possible.

The training will be philosophical and practical. It is about much more than information. It will help you experience the personal transformation necessary for you to authentically share from the deep awake state.  

At each seminar we go through various practices to increase trainees’ competence and confidence in guiding others to the deep awake state. This takes time and repetition, which is why I recommend attending a least two of these events.

When you enter the programme you will be invited to join the online Training Community. For some participants this program will be the beginning of an on-going process of collaboration, forming a core group to facilitate bringing The Deep Awake Life to the world.

I feel passionately about the importance of sharing this new 21st century approach to awakening with as many people as possible, because I am convinced it is essential to the growth of new form of consciousness that is the next step in human evolution. 

Details of forthcoming Training seminars here. If you want more information contact Debbie.

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