Lucid Living - New Version shadow

Lucid Living - New Version

Experience Your Life Like a Lucid Dream

Format: ebook

Lucid Living - New Version



New version with added eighth insight

Lucid Living is a magical little book in which Tim presents the timeless wisdom of awakening in a funky new way. He shows that life is not what it seems to be and you are not who you think you are, because life is like a dream and you are the dreamer.

Tim shares eight life-transforming insights that will help you experience the ultra-awake state of ‘lucid living’. You don’t need to believe anything.  You simply need to examine your directly experience as you read the book.

This book is an experiential journey that will completely transform your understanding of who you are and open up a wonderful new experience of being alive.



Lucid Living touches that place of wisdom that lies dormant in everyone. The messages in this book can help bring happiness, fulfilment, and transformation to anyone’s life.

Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Clear, down-to-earth, and above all, practical. One of the most approachable books on consciousness and the true nature of self that I have come across. Everyone should read it.

Peter Russell author of From Science to God

Lucid Living is an utterly amazing little book. One can read the book 100 times or more and get a new insight each and every time.

Patrick Wells, Associate producer of I Love You to Death staring Keanu Reeves

With the lightness of an angel or loving friend, Timothy Freke takes aim at our hearts and minds with words that transform our experience on the spot. In Buddhist terms Lucid Living is a revelation of Ultimate Bodhicitta or awakened heart.

Robert Sachs, Author of The Passionate Buddha

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