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Rumi Wisdom

Daily Teachings from the Great Sufi Master

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Rumi Wisdom



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'Lovers have a religion all of their own. Their only creed is love.'
Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi

Rumi is a phenomenon. He raves with mystical intoxication, seducing us into the ecstasy of Love. He fires off pithy philosophical one-liners like a machine gun, demanding we reach beyond second-hand opinions and directly confront the Mystery of Life for ourselves. He playfully relates funny allegorical stories, like some spiritual stand-up, urging us to laugh at our own foolishness. Rumi knocks on the door of the heart, encouraging us to open up. He is burning with love and insight and he wants to set us on fire.

Rumi Wisdom is a year's supply of daily inspiration from the great Sufi mystic and poet, Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi (1207-73). Tim's renderings of extracts from Rumi's masterwork the Mathnawi are strikingly modern, capturing Rumi's intense devotion to God and enthusiasm for the Truth.