The Deep Awake Life

How we experience life depends on how conscious we are. When we only pay attention to the surface of life we're only superficially awake. But when we look deeper we can become deep awake.

This feels like waking up from a semi-conscious trance and remembering we are alive. We become conscious that there is much more to life than we had realized.

We feel present in the moment and filled with wonder. We start to see into the deeper levels of our own identity and become conscious of being the ‘I of awareness’ that is witnessing the play of life.

Then, if we really immerse ourselves in the deep awake state, life becomes WOW! There’s an awe-inspiring oneness with the universe, which feels like being immersed in an ocean of love.

There is a silent knowing, so deep it must be felt not thought, which fills us with an unshakeable confidence that life is good and death is safe. Despite all the suffering there is an unquenchable faith that this bittersweet journey of life is profoundly meaningful.

Becoming deep awake is a life-changing experience that is traditionally called 'spiritual awakening', but you don't need to think of yourself as 'spiritual' to experience it. It is natural and available to all of us.

After a lifetime spent exploring the deep awake state and studying the world's wisdom traditions I have created a fresh approach to awakening called 'The Deep Awake Life' and I now want to share it with you.

Video & audio on The Deep Awake Life here

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