Twenty-first Century Spirituality

I believe we need a new form of spirituality for the 21st century.

A spirituality free from pre-rational religion, which is intellectually rigorous and complementary to science.

A spirituality that boldly declares the importance of awakening for the next phase of human evolution.

A spirituality that offers a direct experience of the reality of oneness and the power of love.

A spirituality that is no longer detached and world-rejecting, as so often in the past, but rather passionately engaged and sensually embodied.

I have created the philosophy and practises of The Deep Awake Life as my contribution towards an authentically 21st century spirituality.

My vocation is to share it with the world, so that human beings can wake up to oneness and create a culture of kindness. Would you like to join me in this great adventure? 

Deep Awake Life | Paralogical Philosophy

Paralogical Philosophy
Paralogical Philosophy
Paralogical Philosophy





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