Paralogical Philosophy

The intellectual foundation of The Deep Awake Life is Paralogical Philosophy, which can help us understand all aspects of being alive in greater depth.

Life is profoundly paradoxical and this means we can’t fathom the depths of existence with normal either/or logical thinking. We need to use paralogical both/and thinking.

Paralogical thinking sees reality from opposite yet complementary perspectives at once, so it can embrace both objective science and subjective spirituality.

An example of paralogical thinking from science is the Nobel Prize winning physicist Neils Bohr's theory of Complementarity, which views light as both behaving as a wave and as particles.

An example of paralogical thinking from spirituality would be the insight that we are both separate individuals and essentially all is one. This understanding is central to my work, because I want to encourage us to both wake up to oneness and embrace our tender humanity.

I believe that Paralogical Philosophy is essential for the growth of the new form of 'integral' or 'holistic' consciousness that is currently emerging, because only a paralogical understanding can truly integrate all the opposites of life into a paradoxical whole.

Video & audio on Paralogical Philosophy here

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