Soul Formation

What is the meaning of life? These days to simply ask the question can seem ridiculous. 'The meaning of life' is a phrase that belongs only in a joke. Life, it is now assumed, has no purpose. The grand religious stories that gave us meaning in the past have crumbled under sceptical scrutiny, so we put our faith in science, which uses reason to describe a universe which exists without a reason.

Science offers us power but not purpose. Despite its astonishing ability to explain the 'how' of life, it can say nothing about 'why', offering us only a caricature of ourselves as clever monkeys anxiously clinging to a spinning rock in a cold cosmos created by chance and heading for oblivion.

It seems to me that our postmodern world is experiencing a psychological crisis, a sickness of the psyche or soul, caused by the idea that life has no meaning, which has left us adrift in an ocean of pointlessness, without direction, paddling frantically towards nothing.

In response to this 21st century soul crisis I want to explore the powerful intuitions that arise in the deep awake state, which have led me to feel that this bittersweet adventure we are experiencing together is profoundly meaningful, that death is transformation not annihilation, and that life is a process of 'soul formation'.

My conception of 'soul' has its roots in Gnostic and Neo-Platonic philosophy. I don't mean some sort of spooky entity that lives inside you and pops out when the body dies. What the ancient philosophers called psyche or 'soul' is the flow of experiences that are arising within awareness right now. You don't possess a soul. You are a 'soulstream'.

You are all the experiences you have ever had and with every new experience the soulstream is evolving. Life is a process of soul formation through which the formless non-dual ground of being is arising as individual soulstreams on a journey to becoming conscious that essentially all is one.

I am currently working on a new book titled 'SOUL STORY: Evolution and the Purpose of Life' exploring these insights, which are on the cutting edge of my ever-changing understanding. Stay in touch and you'll hear more as my ideas develop.  

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