Bestselling Author

My life has been dominated by two things which I see as paralogically complementary: awakening and creativity. The first is about self-realization and the second is about self-expression.

During the early part of my life I expressed myself primarily through music, creating everything from inspirational pop to television themes, scores for contemporary dance and inspirational house music. I created consciousness-raising tracks with Ram Dass and Terence McKenna and ran a multi-media collective called World Without Walls that put on spectacular shamanic rave shows.

In my thirties I became an author and since then have written more than 30 books, which have been translated into 15 languages. My early books are about uncovering a universal philosophy of oneness and love at the heart of all the major spiritual traditions of the world - from Alchemy to Zen.  

Later I authored a number of major books on Paganism and Christian Gnosticism with Peter Gandy, including The Jesus Mysteries, which was an Amazon top 6 ‘Surprise Bestseller’ and Daily Telegraph 'Book of the Year'.

Over the last decade I have drawn on my studies of the world's wisdom traditions and a lifetime of personal experience of awakening to articulate my own revolutionary approach to spirituality. 

I love writing and it is always an honour when someone reads my books. I enjoy making deep ideas easy to understand, so they have a truly explosive effect on consciousness. I like turning the world inside out, so that we see our lives in exciting new ways.

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Robert M. Price, Professor of Theology and author of Jesus is Dead