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The Jesus Mysteries was published in 1999 and instantly became an international bestseller. This book and its sequels were the result of a colossal amount of work studying ancient Paganism and Christian Gnosticism by myself and my co-author Peter Gandy. 

Peter and I have been friends since we were very young.  In our teens we began exploring the deep mystery of life together and have been philosophical sparring partners ever since. I studied Philosophy at university and Peter studied Classics and the Ancient World.  Our areas of expertise coincided as if by magic to birth our work on Gnosticism. 

The thesis of The Jesus Mysteries is that the Jesus story is not a miraculous biography, rather it is a myth, based on previous Pagan myths, which encodes mystical teachings that lead to Gnosis or spiritual awakening.

In Jesus and the Lost Goddess we explored the esoteric meaning of the Jesus myth and the myth of the Christian Goddess Sophia, revealing the wonderful depths of Gnostic philosophy.

In The Laughing Jesus we were passionately critical of fundamentalist religion, the dark side of which is all too obvious in our world today; and we started to articulate a new approach to Gnosticism that has evolved into my present work on the deep awake life.

These books were extremely controversial, but scrupulously researched and notated, so established our reputations as Gnostic scholars. However I suspect we will always be mavericks rather than academics; and, as if to prove that, we couldn’t resist writing one final Gnostic book: The Gospel of the Second Coming

This is our naughty book, which is not to be read if you’re easily offended! It’s a laugh-out loud satirical gospel in which Jesus returns to irreverently explore the true history and meaning of Christianity. We advertised it as 'the long awaited sequel to the Bible' and had huge billboards in the London underground with the words 'JESUS IS BACK … AND THIS TIME HE’S FUNNY!'

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