Spiritual Pioneer

I’ve studied and written books about the major spiritual traditions of the world ... all of which have touched me deeply.

I love the simple naturalness of Taoism, the searing immediacy of Zen, the ecstatic devotion of Sufism, the philosophical depth of Advaita Vedanta, the expansive love of Christianity, the esoteric wisdom of Kabala, the magical earthiness of Shamanism. 

I have immense respect for our spiritual heritage, but it seems to me that spirituality, like everything else, needs to keep evolving if it is to stay alive. So in recent years I’ve been articulating a new philosophy of awakening, which has all the depth of the traditions I’ve studied, yet avoids some of the dead-ends I’ve been down on my own journey.

I’ve come to the conclusion that much of our traditional spiritual vocabulary is well past its sell-by date, so I’ve set out to develop a new language of awakening that is contemporary, accessible and authentic.

The concepts we use matter, because the way we think conditions what we experience. The WOW of awakening may be beyond words, but our ideas govern how we understand the spiritual journey. I hope you enjoy my way of using words to point to the wordless deep knowing!

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