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Omega Institute For Holistic Studies
Omega Institute
150 Lake Dr
NY 12572

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Rhinebeck, United States

open your heart and light up your mind in this experiential retreat with T!M FREKE, an inspirational philosopher and teacher of awakening whose work has touched hundreds of thousands of people worldwide

T!M shares his human-centered approach to awakening and explores leading-edge ideas about the evolving cosmos, the nature of death, and the purpose of life

with his trademark lucidity and humour, he creates a safe and playful environment in which awakening happens naturally

during this transformational weekend, he leads a series of powerful soul-to-soul meditations, including a deeply moving collective eye-gazing ceremony

this leads to a profound experience of oneness and 'big love,' which gives rise to an unshakeable confidence that, despite challenges and suffering, life is good, death is safe, and what really matters is love

you return home with a deeper understanding of the nature of life, feeling awake and connected, and ready to make the most of the human adventure

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