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Please contact Robin and Reiko for further information or to make a booking: [email protected]


Seiizumi Dormitory
3545 Kiyosato Takone

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near Tokyo, Japan

When I was young, I always wanted to visit Japan, and I have been fortunate enough to visit this wonderful country several times as an adult So I am very excited to be returning again to run a Deep Awakening retreat this year.

Please contact Robin and Reiko for further information, advice on travelling to the centre and to make a booking: [email protected]

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This retreat runs for 4 days, slightly longer than my usual weekend retreats. This means that we will be able to go even deeper and become more awake together! To find out what happens at the Deep Awakening retreats, check out this video (8m 02s), now with Japanese subtitles.

The retreat will be held at a beautiful retreat centre in the countryside outside Tokyo, surrounded by nature, forests and a creek, with views overlooking Mt Fuji and Yatsukatage. As an added bonus, at this time of year we should catch the world-famous cherry blossom in Japan, which is a truly stunning sight.

There are a range of rooms available, each one is designed to a high specification.

Room prices start at 36,000 JPY (incl. taxes)

The cost for tuition is 110, 600 JPY (Incl. taxes)

Registration is now open and will close 2 weeks before the event.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS are available until the end of January for just 102,600 JPY (incl. taxes)

Some testimonials:

"Tim is the most conscious and sincere person I have ever met. It is truly amazing." ~ Sue

"Tim is a surprisingly well-informed person who explains the most complicated problem most simply. Moreover, full of love, wisdom, creativity and humor." ~ Ginnie

"It is very difficult to communicate experiences with retreats in words. When trying to tell it, it all melts to this excitement." ~ Kristina

"It can be said that this weekend was the best weekend in my life. I am looking forward to bringing back what I gained from retreat to my family and my life. Because I was re-born." ~ Tod