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101 Zellerbach Hall
CA 94704

T!M speaking at TEDx

Berkeley, California, USA

In March, I am coming to Berkeley, California, to talk at the largest TEDx event in world!

Are we clever monkeys or immortal souls?

Pioneering philosopher Tim Freke presents an inspiring new response to the conflict between science and spirituality. He believes a revolution in our understanding of the universe is coming, which will integrate scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom … and when it comes it will be as big a jump forward for human culture as the emergence of science … maybe bigger. Tim Freke is an original thinker and bestselling author with an infectious enthusiasm for the mystery of existence and the big questions of life.

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If you are unable to make the event, you can watch the live stream here - it will be available as soon as the event starts (10am PST) and it will run all day.

General information about the TEDx event:

Nestled between the San Francisco Bay and lush Northern California foothills, Berkeley is home to the world’s premier public university as well as a vibrant, diverse population that is renowned for its social activism and entrepreneurship.

TEDxBerkeley, an award-winning TED-based nonprofit, seeks to capture the spirit of Berkeley by gathering visionary thinkers and leaders from the Bay Area and beyond to spark new ideas, insights, and opportunities. TEDxBerkeley hopes to engage its eclectic audience by featuring unique talks that are intellectually bold, passionate, and unafraid to question and redefine the status quo.

Join us on March 9th, 2019, our 10th year anniversary, as we explore the remarkable human ability to inspire and the ways in which our various perspectives lead us to become more interconnected.