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Open Circle Centre
2215 Prince Street

Experiential Day Seminar

Berkeley, California, USA


An astonishing leap forward in the story of humanity is quietly gaining momentum. It is historically unprecedented that so many of us now feel compassion for people we will never meet who are suffering in distant lands. More and more of us care deeply about other species and the natural world. A smaller but ever increasing number are awakening to a profound sense of oneness with everyone and everything.

Pioneering English philosopher Tim Freke suggests these developments are signs of our evolution from separate individuals into connected ‘unividuals’ who experience a unity that transcends our individuality.

During his ‘Evening of Philosophy’ and ‘Experiential Day Seminar’ in Boulder he will explore this momentous evolutionary jump. You’ll be introduced to ‘Unividualism’ which unifies science and spirituality to offer a visionary understanding of the evolving cosmos. You’ll experience ‘Unividual Connection Meditations’ to awaken a state of deep communion and all-embracing love.

This is your invitation to become part of a new global tribe that can transform our individualistic self-serving society into a unividual culture of kindness.

There is an Evening of Philosophy on Thursday March 7th, a few days before this Experiential Day Seminar.

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