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Omega Institute For Holistic Studies
Omega Institute
150 Lake Dr
NY 12572

USA Experiential Retreat


Rhinebeck, United States


Become part of a global tribe that can transform our individualistic society into a unividual culture of kindness.

Never before in history have so many people cared about the suffering of human beings in distant lands they will never visit and felt cross-species compassion for endangered animals they will never encounter,” says Tim Freke, philosopher and best-selling author. “Growing numbers experience a profound sense of oneness with the universe.” Freke says these developments signal an astonishing leap forward in the evolution of humanity—the transformation of separate individuals into connected “unividuals,” who experience a deep unity that transcends their individuality.

In this workshop, Freke helps you experience this evolutionary jump. You learn practices that naturally create an experience of wonderful oneness, which is felt as all-embracing love for everyone and everything. You are introduced to the philosophy of “Unividualism,” which unifies science and spirituality to explain and support the evolutionary process, bringing deep meaning to our lives and giving us real hope for the future. This is your invitation to become part of a new global tribe that can transform our individualistic self-serving society into a unividual culture of kindness.

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This retreat will be held at The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York