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debbie o'shea freke
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holland house
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WR10 3NB

The New Year Retreat


near worcester, uk

Join us for our legendary New Year Gathering and bring in 2020 with deep insights, big love and a joyous celebration of being alive!

£30 DISCOUNT available until the end of September. just type in EARLY BIRD when you book!

Information about the Gatherings here

You can watch video testimonials of participants describing their experiences of the deep awakening here

Tim is a master of both opening the heart and lighting up the mind. He will help you experience the Deep Awake state for yourself, so you feel the Big Love. And he will explore a profound new understanding of the evolving cosmos, the nature of death and the purpose of existence, which will transform how you see your life.

Tim believes that an astonishing leap forward in the history of humanity is quietly gaining momentum. Never before have so many of us felt compassion for people we will never meet who are suffering in distant lands. More and more of us care deeply about other species and the natural world. A smaller but ever-increasing number are awakening to a profound sense of oneness with everyone and everything. Tim suggests these developments are signs of our evolution from separate individuals into connected ‘unividuals’ who experience a unity that transcends our individuality.

During this Unividual Gathering he’ll explores this momentous evolutionary jump. You’ll be introduced to Unividualism, which is a Deeper Way of Living. And together we’ll create a safe and playful environment in which Tim will lead powerful Deep Connection Meditations, which naturally awaken an experience of deeply moving communion with others. On Saturday night there will be a Deep Awake Immersion, which is a wonderful eye-gazing ceremony, during which the vast majority of people spontaneously become Deep Awake.

Participants return home feeling conscious, connected and ready to make the most of the human adventure, having shared a wonderful time with amazing new friends. But the adventure doesn’t end there, because you’ll be invited to join the International Community of Unividuals, which is a new global tribe that supports our collective evolution from an individualistic self-serving society into a culture of kindness.

This Unividual Gatherings are a development of Tim's previous Deep Awakening retreats.

QUESTIONS: contact [email protected] +44 (0)781 786 8859

VENUE: this is our third New Year retreat at the beautiful Holland House centre ... you're going to love it!

TRAVEL: information here

SCHEDULE: arrival at Holland House from 15.15 , with the retreat running from 17.00 on Sunday 30th December to 15.15 on Tuesday 1st January 2018

DIET: meals are lacto-vegetarian … if you require a special diet e.g. vegan email [email protected]

PAYMENT: If you prefer to pay by bank transfer contact [email protected]

Please note that if you have paid the initial deposit of £80, the full payment will be required no later than 31st October


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Quality Twin room

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Quality Twin room with ensuite shower

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Quality Twin room with ensuite bathroom

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