Experiential Gatherings

Experience the Deep Awake State and feel the ‘Big Love’

Explore a new understanding of the evolving cosmos, the nature of death and the purpose of your life

Tim is a master of both opening the heart and lighting up the mind

During his Experiential Day Seminars and Unividual Gatherings, he teaches his human-centred approach to awakening, and explores his visionary new understanding of reality

He creates a safe and playful environment in which he leads powerful Deep Connection Meditations

This includes the Deep Awake Immersion, which is a profoundly moving eye-gazing ceremony, during which the vast majority of people spontaneously become Deep Awake

With his trademark lucidity and humour, he shares profound ideas about time, evolution, soul, death and purpose, to help us really make the most of the adventure of life

Participants return home feeling conscious, connected and ready to make the most of the human adventure, having shared a wonderful adventure with amazing new friends

The Unividual Gatherings are a development of his previous Mystery Experience retreats and Deep Awakening retreats