In the light of death shadow

In the light of death

Spiritual insight to help you live with death and bereavement

In the light of death

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In the light of death is a sensitive, inspiring and thoughtful exploration of the greatest of life's mysteries — that it ends in death

T!M draws on the wisdom of the world's mystical traditions, and on his years of experience working with the dying and bereaved

He offers moving personal anecdotes, philosophical insight and guided meditations to elucidate a spiritual understanding of death

His intention is to help us transcend fear and suffering by revealing our essential immortal nature

In the light of death teaches that to live with an awareness of death is not morbid or depressing, but wonderfully life-enhancing

Death is a powerful spiritual teacher, challenging us to discover who we really are, showing us what really matters and leading us to a deeper love of life that embraces both joy and sorrow