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The Evolutionary Wake Up Programme

Take the next evolutionary jump

    The Evolutionary Wake Up Programme

    The Evolutionary Wake Up Programme is available as a 7-part recorded video course

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    Do you practice being present by trying not to dwell on the past or future?

    Do you believe that surrender and having no attachments will bring you a spiritual awakening... or that enlightenment will happen when you eliminate your ego?

    There is wisdom in these teachings, yet they might be holding you back... keeping you from awakening to the WOW of life and experiencing the next level of soul evolution...

    According to Tim Freke, a leading spiritual teacher and author, spirituality itself urgently needs to evolve.

    Many current paradigms and teachings (from both religious and non-traditional lineages) are outdated or mistaken. Your self-will, ego, and attachments are not the problem. The belief that spirituality is an either/or path is the problem.

    Tim is a passionate advocate for a new “both/and” spirituality that encourages us to be both present and engage with the process of time...

    ... to be both conscious of our divinity and embrace our human vulnerability... to value both deep feeling and clear thinking... to both wake up to our oneness and celebrate our individuality...

    Waking up is not what you think it is...

    You are being invited into something MUCH greater — a more expansive experience of God, your soul, reality, and your humanity.

    During this online training, pioneering philosopher and spiritual teacher Tim Freke will guide you to:

    • Question old ideas and understand how they can get in the way of you making the next evolutionary jump
    • Understand what words such as “soul” and “spirit” really mean, so it becomes much easier to experience soul transformation
    • Clearly understand the deepest mystical teaching about awakening that’s at the heart of all the great spiritual traditions of the world... in only a few minutes!
    • Realize the ego and rational mind are not villains, but essential to “waking up”
    • Experience practices to activate the WOW of Big Love
    • Awaken to unity consciousness and become a unividual... an individual conscious of unity
    • Discover the ”Deep Awake” state — and learn how to experience it for yourself
    • Master ”paralogical” both/and thinking and how it can help you to both wake up to oneness and celebrate your individuality
    • Explore how it feels to transcend your individuality and experience your “unividuality”
    • Practice the Soul-to-Soul Listening Meditation — to connect deeply with others by listening deeply
    • Understand why you’re forming your soul with every new experience and can consciously form your soul-character by choosing to live wisely
    • Learn to love the less-evolved aspects of human culture — and the less-evolved parts of yourself
    • Understand why getting things wrong is necessary for an ever-evolving soul
    • Discover why the old adage, “Do your best,” isn’t just an empty platitude, but deep wisdom