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Deep Awake Botanical Oil

Awaken the senses, deepen the soul

Deep Awake Botanical Oil

Created by Tim’s wife Deborah ...   

This lovingly hand-blended aromatic formula contains sensorially therapeutic pure essential oils to inspire a meditative, relaxed yet energised mind and body, while nutrient rich botanical oils nourish and care for the skin.

Deep Awake Oil was created to cultivate physical and emotional harmony; with the aromas of sandalwood and vetivert to encourage peaceful rest, the delicate, floral scents of jasmine and rose to soothe the nervous system and the calm essence of frankincense and magnolia to assist mental clarity and focus.

For an exquisite meditative experience of deep relaxation and calm focus pour 2 teaspoons into bath water and soak for 10-20 mins. To nutrify and nourish the skin apply 1 tablespoon to warm damp skin after a shower or bathing. Ideal for massage. 

£20.00 for 100ml 

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