The Gospel of the Second Coming

Jesus is back… and this time he’s funny!

The Gospel of the Second Coming

At last the long awaited sequel to the Bible has arrived.  Gnostic scholars Freke and Gandy present a post-modern gospel for the 21st century, which is a profoundly satirical parable about the journey to self-knowledge

Jesus is back, but this time with a zany sense of humour, and he wants to set the record straight

He wants to prove that Freke and Gandy’s controversial theory about the origins of Christianity is right

So he sets out to convince his disciples that he’s really not an historical figure, but rather a character in an allegorical myth, which encodes ancient spiritual teachings

Jesus doesn’t really exist, because he’s a character in a story in the mind of the author

And this is important because the deep message Jesus has returned to reveal is that the reader doesn’t really exists either

Life is like a story and we all exist as characters in the mind of the Author of All

The Gospel of the Second Coming is a life-out-loud book which irreverently explores the deep message of Gnostic Christianity

It presents a vision of the original teachings of Christianity that some will find offensive, but other totally life-affirming

As Jesus says himself in the text: “Death is coming. Life is foreplay”

In 2005, a disgruntled archivist at the Vatican Library made contact with revisionist historians Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, claiming that the Vatican was secretly housing a number of unpublished “heretical” Gnostic Christian texts

He presented Freke and Gandy with a facsimile copy of an ancient manuscript, which is presented to the public for the first time in this book

This gospel will shock academics and Christians alike

It makes the extraordinary claim that the long-awaited “Second Coming of Christ” has already happened; and it also explores the intimate relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus, his “Beloved Disciple”

And, perhaps most controversial of all, it reveals Jesus as a Gnostic master with a zany sense of humour and an upbeat message

As Jesus says himself in the text: “Death is coming, life is foreplay”