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Science and Nonduality Conference
Dolce Hayes Mansion
200 Edenvale Avenue
San Jose
CA 95136

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San Jose, California, USA


philosopher T!M FREKE invites you experience for yourself the deep awake state

this is a profound shift in consciousness, which is completely natural and available to all of us

it is characterized by the profound recognition of the oneness of being that underlies the separateness of appearances

this is accompanied by an expansive feeling of universal love and an unshakeable confidence that, despite all the horrors, life is essentially good

with his trademark lucidity and humour, T!M will share his revolutionary new approach to awakening, which urges us to both wake up to oneness and celebrate our individuality

he will explore …

how to escape the enlightenment trap and become a lover of life why spirituality is about both self-realization and self-expression how to avoid superficial spiritual thinking why the ego is your friend not your enemy

T!M will guide some powerful 'soul-to-soul’ meditations through which you can experience an immediate shift in consciousness

these are meditations we practise with a partner that quickly bring us into a deep state of oneness in a safe and simple way

through these practises, it becomes clear we are both separate and not-separate from each other, which is an experience of all-consuming communion and all-embracing compassion

T!M has been pioneering these transformative practises for nearly twenty years, during which time he’s presented events he calls ‘awakenings’ throughout the world, including the uk, canada, japan, mexico, argentina, netherlands, croatia, cyprus, norway, ireland, greece, czech republic, hawaii, south africa … and now SAND 2017

SAND have offered my friends a 5% discount off the price of coming to the san jose conference and my pre-conference workshop, simply use the code BIGLOVE when you book

booking details here - click on 'thursday', scroll down to your workshop, then click on my workshop to get the full description ... If you want to register, go to the top of the page and hit the register button