Meditation Massage Training

Deep Awake Meditation Massage is a unique experience created by Deborah O’Shea Freke, which combines therapeutic massage with guided meditation. 

During most forms of massage the recipient is completely passive, but with meditation massage they are invited to gently participate with the process of letting go and coming fully into the present moment.


Deborah O’Shea Freke is an experienced spa consultant who has created exclusive spa treatments and deluxe product ranges for elite spas around the world.

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Tim Freke is an internationally respected meditation teacher and the bestselling author of 35 books on world spirituality, translated into more than 20 languages.

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For professional therapists this unique training will enable you to offer a whole new experience of massage to your clients.

This training is also suitable to beginners who wish to share a deeply relaxing and enlivening experience with others.


Deep Awake Meditation Massage is designed to

• reduced stress, anxiety and tension
• relax your muscles, the nervous system and your breathing
• improve your mood and your capacity for clear thinking
• stimulate the immune system and improve sleep
• create more compassion and acceptance for yourself and others
• renew your energy and enthusiasm for life


Meditation Massage brings a deeper dimension to massage for the masseur as well the ‘recipient’, so this training involves personal transformation, which will help you understand how to be in the right state to guide others in meditation.

During the weekend you will experience a number of powerful soul-to-soul mediations, as well as a Deep Awake Immersion on the Saturday night, which will enrich your own experience of the deep awake state.


You’ll learn about the philosophical foundation of Deep Awake Meditation Massage and how to introduce your recipient to the new form of massage they are about to experience.

You’ll be shown four different meditation techniques to use whilst massaging particularly parts of the body, with practical guidance on the best massage techniques, to take the recipient further and further into a fully relaxed, deep awake state.

1. Entering the senses : guiding your recipient into paying attention to the ambient sounds around them, the aroma of the oils, and the sensual flow of breath, so they become focused in the present moment, allowing anxious thoughts to melt away.

2. Active relaxation : encouraging your recipient to actively participate in the process of being massaged, by taking their attention into their muscles and consciously releasing tension in the body.

3. Imagination and intention : inviting your recipient to visualise themselves in a state of profound peace and enhanced well-being, so that after the massage they feel ‘deep self-empowered’ to bring the best of themselves to life.

4. Witnessing and Connection : guiding your recipient to become conscious of the deep I that is witnessing and appreciating each moment, and concluding the massage by connecting therapist to recipient - deep I to deep I.