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Tokyo, Japan

experience the ‘deep awake’ state and explore a new understanding of life

T!M FREKE is a master of opening the heart and lighting up the mind

with his trademark lucidity and humour, he will …

• share his human-centred approach to spiritual awakening, so that he can guide you directly to a profound experience of the deep awake state

• explore his visionary ideas about time, evolution, soul, death and purpose, to help you understand your life in an astonishing new way

• lead a series of powerful 'soul-to-soul’ experiences, which are meditations we practise with a partner involving connecting deeply with others in various ways

• create a safe and playful environment in which awakening happens naturally

T!M has been pioneering ‘soul-to-soul’ meditations for nearly 20 years, during which time he has shared them with thousands of people throughout the world, refining them into extraordinarily powerful practises that can quickly bring us into the deep awake state

at the heart of the DEEP AWAKE seminar is a truly magical group ‘soul-to-soul’ practise called the ‘DEEP AWAKE IMMERSION’, during which we commune with others so deeply that our sense of separateness melts into ‘big love’

this wonderful practise is so natural and reassuring it feels like coming home

Participants at Tim’s seminars leave with a deeper understanding of the nature of life, feeling conscious and connected, having shared a very special experience with some amazing new friends. This weekend seminar is an opportunity to experience an awakening so profound that things are never the same again

this event will be in english with japanese translation

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