The Deep Awakening

Know the oneness | Feel the big love

The Deep Awakening, which has evolved from my previous signature event 'The Mystery Experience', is a sublime mix of transformational spiritual retreat and playful celebration of life, during which you'll dissolve into deep stillness and emerge wanting to dance the night away!

During our time together I will guide you to a direct experience of the deep awake state, using my revolutionary 21st century approach to spirituality, which I call The Deep Awake Life.

Our journey will be profound but fun. I create an extremely supportive space in which we all feel relaxed and able to be ourselves, because every heart assured of safety opens instantly.

Using my new language of awakening I will explore my Paralogical Philosophy, so that you understand the paradoxical relationship between the essential oneness and our precious individuality … between the deep self and our tender humanity.

Then I will guide various Deep Awake Practices, including a number of extremely powerful Soul to Soul Meditations, which will transform your state of consciousness much more quickly than you may expect!

At the heart of The Deep Awakening is an exquisite group connection meditation called The Deep Awake Immersion. This is a truly magical experience during which we immerse ourselves in the feelings of oneness and 'big love' that naturally arise in the deep awake state.

If you join me for this adventure it is my intention that you experience the WOW of awakening so powerfully that things will never be the same again. I want you to return home conscious and connected … having shared a very special experience with some amazing new friends … ready to live a deep awake life.

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