Hip Gnosis

My 21st century approach to spirituality is a contemporary reworking of the perennial wisdom of awakening that is found in all cultures throughout history. It has particularly been inspired by Gnosticism, about which I have written a number of ground-breaking books.

At the centre of ancient Gnosticism is the experience of gnosis; a silent knowing of God that gives rise to an unshakeable faith in the essential goodness of existence. With the experience of gnosis comes the discovery of the ‘Christ within’. This is our spiritual essence that is one with God. In the East it is called the atman or buddha-nature. I call it the 'deep self'. It is our deepest being which is one with all beings.

With the knowledge that all is one comes the experience of all-encompassing love the Gnostics call agape. I call it ‘big love’, because it is so very big. It is an exquisite feeling that reaches right down into the body. It’s a love so strong it can sustain us through the horrors of life. It is a love so unconditional we can even love our enemies. 

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Robert M. Price, Professor of Theology and author of Jesus is Dead