Soul to Soul Meditations

The Deep Awake Life is a practical way of awakening which offers a number of Deep Awake Practices that transform consciousness. These include some extremely powerful 'Soul to Soul Meditations' that involve connecting deeply with others in various ways; for example simply gazing into someone's eyes.

Although this may feel strange at first, soon it feels completely natural. As you gaze deeply you realise you are connecting with more than a beautiful face. You are reaching through the appearances to connect with conscious being, which you can't actual see but you know is looking back at you.

When the connection goes really deep we find ourselves dissolving into each other and there is an experience of exquisite oneness. In all my decades of exploring spiritual practises I have found nothing transforms consciousness so quickly and profoundly as these Soul to Soul Meditations.

I guide people through various practices to help them directly experience the awakened state at The Deep Awakening, which is a wonderful combination of a spiritual retreat and a celebration of life.

At the heart of The Deep Awakening is a very special group connection meditation called 'The Big Love Immersion'. This is a truly magical experience. We create an enchanted space, full of candles and inspiring music, within which we can connect with each other in a really safe way. It is incredibly moving because we get to see everyone so deeply that our sense of separateness melts into big love. This is so natural and reassuring it feels like coming home.

Guided meditation video & audio here

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