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The Samaya Centre
Hollendewagenweg 20
3985 SG Werkhoven

The Gnostic Deep Awakening


Werkhoven, Netherlands

Informatie over de retraite in het Nederlands

Experience the Gnosis and know the Christ within.

The Deep Awakening has evolved from The Mystery Experience Retreat. The content will include everything that was offered before and much more.

What makes this a special Deep Awakening is that I will be focusing on Christian Gnostic philosophy to guide you to the deep awake state, which will give our journey together a different flavour to my other retreats and connect us back to the depths of the western esoteric tradition.


Is the Jesus story actually a myth based on previous Pagan myths of a dying and resurrecting Son of God? What were the secret teachings of the Gnostic Christians about the Goddess Sophia? What is the realization of Gnosis and how can we experience it today?

During this retreat Tim will focus on the Gnostic philosophy he first explored in his international bestseller The Jesus Mysteries, written with Peter Gandy. He will

  • explore his revolutionary ideas about the Pagan origins of Christianity.
  • decode the allegorical myths of Jesus and Sophia as spiritual teaching stories.
  • share his 21st century Gnostic philosophy which brings these ancient teachings alive today.
  • guide you directly to the realization of gnosis and the discovery of the 'Christ within'.
  • lead powerful practices so you can experience agape or 'big love', which forms the sacred heart of Gnostic Christianity.

What is The Deep Awakening?

Tim Freke : Gnostic scholar

21st Century Gnosticism

LANGUAGE : This retreat will be in English

SCHEDULE : This retreat will run from 17.00 on Friday to around 15.30 on Sunday. Tim is present and personally involved throughout the retreat. See detailed schedule here.

VENUE : The retreat will be held at a former St. Augustine's monastery, that is now a beautiful, light filled conference centre called Samaya. More information here.

GETTING TO THE SAMAYA CENTRE : Samaya is located near the village Werkhoven, just 20 km southeast of Utrecht. If you come by car, this is the adress: Hollendewagenweg 20, 3985 SG Werkhoven. There is plenty of free parking. If you fly in from abroad you will arrive at Schiphol airport and continue your trip by train in the direction of Driebergen-Zeist. Upon arrival, preferably before, call Taxi Service Oliver Aro at: 088 - 1002900 or mobile 06 - 54976748 and name your destination Samaya. It's a 15 min. ride that will cost you E 15.- (special fixed price). If you come by train, you want to arrive at Utrecht Central station, then take a train in the direction of Driebergen-Zeist. Read above for taxi transfer. Train Timetables here. More information in Dutch here.

ACCOMMODATION : Samaya offers single and shared rooms for 2 or 3. All rooms are equipped with single beds and have their own bathroom. If you specifically want to share with someone you are coming with please email Sabine : [email protected]. Otherwise you will be allocated a same sex sharing room.

DIET : All food is vegetarian and 80% biological (EKO quality mark). Special dietary requirements are possible with 5 days notice.

PRICES : Payment is in Euros and includes 2 night stay, meals and ten sessions with Tim. There is a deposit of E 100. You will be emailed with a request for the remaining payment one month before the retreat.

QUESTIONS : For questions in Dutch or English please contact Sabine : [email protected] 06 - 522 433 60 (from UK 0031 6 - 522 433 60)


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