1. Big idea: Reality is made of time

1a. Contemplation: The past and the possible

2. Big idea: Evolution is a process of emergence

3. Big idea: The soul-dimension is an emergent reality

3a. Contemplation: Body and soul 

4. Big idea: The material world is information 

5. Big idea: Every thing is an object and a subject 

5a. Contemplation: The world is information 

6. Big idea: Psyche is not a subjective by-product of the brain 

7. Big idea: Immortality is an emergent property of the soul 

8. Big idea: Soulstreams individuate through metempsychosis 

9. Big idea: Evolution is evolving 

10. Big idea: The after death dimension is a shared dream

11. Big idea: ‘Heaven’ has evolved

11a. Contemplation: The immortal soul 

12. Big idea: The soul-dimension creates the magic of life 

12a. Contemplation: Your magical story 

13. Big idea: We are one in spirit 

14. Big idea: Spiritual awakening is the leading edge of evolution 

14a. Contemplation: The oneness of being 

15. Big idea: Death is love

16. Big idea: God is an emergent being of love

17. Big idea: God is all-good but not all-powerful

17a. Contemplation: Communion with God 

18. Big idea: Life does have a purpose

19. Big idea: Your life is a process of soul formation 

20. Big idea: Every moment is the meeting of creativity and pastivity 

21. Big idea: You can choose to contribute to evolutionary emergence 

21a. Contemplation: Soul formation