Benefits of Membership

As a member of the ICU you will be invited to special monthly members online meet-ups and Q&As with Tim on Zoom which is very simple to use 

You will have access to the members-only ‘ICU Facebook Forum’, where Tim and the community will engage with your questions and ideas

You will be given the link to the Tim Freke Media Archive, which is a large and ever-expanding library of videos and audio recordings of talks and meditations 

You will have prior access to Tim’s' What Is Life?' films, 'Deep Awake Dialogues' with other prominent thinkers and life-explorers 

You will be able to suggest questions for Tim to explore in 'The Freke Show' philosophical podcasts

If you want to play a role in the evolutionary process and help us sharing deep love-wisdom with the world … become a part of the ICU today!