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Big Heart 2023

Throughout the day the speakers will outline, each from their own perspective, how connectedness is key as we transition into a new world, and how the heart is fundamental in establishing these connections and revealing our true power

Tims talk: Why Your Life Really Matters

In his talk, Tim will share his new evolutionary understanding of awakening: what it is, why it is life-changing, and how you can experience it for yourself. Based on his latest project ‘Why Your Life Really Matters’, he will offer a practical solution to the stress and anxiety prevalent in our world today. Drawing on modern science and ancient wisdom he will argue that a transformation has been quietly happening to human beings in recent history. We are evolving from separate individuals to awakened unividuals, where a ‘unividual’ is ‘an individual who is coming to experience unity with the universe’

Tim's workshop: Experience a Deep Awakening For Yourself

Tim will also be delivering a workshop session in which he will teach a simple but powerful approach to meditation that will help you deepen your focus, so that you shift from being a separate individual into a deep awake ‘unividual’ experiencing communion with everyone and everything. He will lead a wonderful soul to soul practice in which you’ll feel how special and profoundly transformative it is to commune with another human being. This is a taste of a life-transforming group practice Tim leads at his retreats, which is featured in this beautiful video: The Best Feeling There Is

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Early Bird £75 (until 30 September)

Standard £90