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penny brohn centre
chapel pill lane
bristol BS20 0HH

Big Heart 2023

bristol, uk

Join Tim and other speakers for this one day event in Bristol, UK

Throughout the day the speakers will outline, each from their own perspective, how connectedness is key as we transition into a new world, and how the heart is fundamental in establishing these connections and revealing our true power

Tims talk: Why Your Life Really Matters

In his talk, Tim will share his new evolutionary understanding of awakening: what it is, why it is life-changing, and how you can experience it for yourself. Based on his latest project ‘Why Your Life Really Matters’, he will offer a practical solution to the stress and anxiety prevalent in our world today. Drawing on modern science and ancient wisdom he will argue that a transformation has been quietly happening to human beings in recent history. We are evolving from separate individuals to awakened unividuals, where a ‘unividual’ is ‘an individual who is coming to experience unity with the universe’

Tim's workshop: The Best Feeling There Is

Tim will also be delivering a workshop session in which he will teach a simple but powerful approach to meditation that will help you deepen your focus, so that you shift from being a separate individual into a deep awake ‘unividual’ experiencing communion with everyone and everything. He will lead a wonderful soul to soul practice in which you’ll feel how special and profoundly transformative it is to commune with another human being. This is a taste of a life-transforming group practice Tim leads at his retreats, which is featured in this beautiful video: The Best Feeling There Is

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Early Bird £75 (until 30 September)

Standard £90