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Being & Doing Masterclass Series


Dive into the paradox of being & doing. Awaken into the creative field of possibility that makes humans so amazing. Join a variety of speakers for practical, inspirational and down to earth guidance. Quicken your evolution – to live your most authentic life and to share your unique gifts with the rest of us.

Tim's session: Experience Yourself As A Unividual

Thursday 5th October - 5pm

During the session Tim will guide you through an evolutionary perspective which may turn many of your ideas upside down.Experiencing yourself as what Tim calls a 'Unividual' opens us to deep connection and lands us in the loving ground of reality.

More and more of us are waking up from the dream of being separate from reality and from each other. We are becoming wiser, more empathic, more creative, and more capable than we’ve known ourselves to be.

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