Deep Connection -  A Meditation for Two shadow

Deep Connection - A Meditation for Two

Hemisync Meditation CD

Deep Connection -  A Meditation for Two

I am delighted to announce I've a recorded a set of meditations with amazing Hemisync Audio Technology which helps the brain synchronise and enter the deep awake state

This is a great tool to support your personal process of awakening … and if you’ve ever wanted to share my connection meditations with friends or families, you now can!

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Deep Connection: A Meditation for Two

Learn to connect deeply with yourself, and with your partner

'Deep Sensing' is about choosing to move your attention away from thought into sensation through hearing, and then breathing

'Deep Being' is experiencing the ‘I’ simply as the knowledge that you exist as a conscious Being

'Deep Connection' features listening and gazing practices to bring you into a state of safe and natural communion with your meditation partner

You will learn to listen to one another, affirm your individuality, and be conscious of connecting with each other.

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